CanCrush UK offers alternative solutions to suit your can crushing and recycling needs, from commercial to domestic use.

The design of the can crusher offers a fresh and fun approach to recycling which enables any user to help communicate a positive attitude towards the preservation of our environment. The design also allows a great opportunity to advertise company logos or credentials around the machine itself. The association between any company and this recycling machine is clearly a very strong message to any public audience or working environment.

By crushing and reducing the volume of an empty can by 90%, these unique machines reduce waste, whilst cutting down on collection costs and storage space allowing us to recycle more easily.

easy to use - just place the can in the hole, shut the lid and pull the lever

easy to clean - wipe clean surfaces throughout
easy to empty - unlock the door and remove the bag
safe - foolproof external mechanism
tough and robust - strong stainless steel construction

Model 1

We can supply any artwork on self-adhesive vinyl - full colour, UV resistant, water resistant and graffiti resistant.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, these machines offer a new chance for companies to improve their environmental policy.

Model 1:
Constructed from cast aluminium
Axial pressure
of 150 N
Height: 110cm
Diameter: 50cm
Holds 800 crushed cans
Cost of machine is 749.00 + VAT.
  Model 1 inside

This machine has been developed onto a wheelie bin and offers a very practical and mobile option for crushing and recycling cans.

Available in 120 or 240 litre bins ((Green/Blue/Yellow/Grey)

120 litre bin holds approx 800 crushed cans
240 litre bin holds approx 1600 crushed cans

Robust Machine for Domestic, Public and Commercial use.

120 litre @ £165.00 + VAT
240 litre @ £175.00 + VAT
(delivery cost of £30.00)

This very smart and simple design is great for domestic use or where cans are used at a minimal level.

The cost is 14.95 (Inc VAT & Delivery)

Takes up to 16 oz cans (6 inches high)

Complete with screws

Simple and Safe to use

Heavy guage steel with soft grip handle.

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The company provides can crushing and recycling solutions to both the domestic and commercial markets with a range of machines which reduce the volume and storage space of used cans, enabling the user to collect and recycle waste, and protect our environment.